Best Indian Chicken Recipes


Best Indian Chicken Recipes

Most people who are fond of non-vegetarian food, they like chicken very much. For those chicken lovers, there are many delicious and lip-smacking chicken recipes in Indian cuisine.

There are many reasons that make Indian food popular all over the world and one of the reasons is the spice used to make Indian food that makes food tasty and fragrant. Indian food is a great blend of health and taste that comes from the herbs and aromatic spices used to cook food. If you like chicken, you have a variety of delicious chicken in Indian cuisine such as chicken curry, butter chicken, chicken lababdar and many more. 

This is impossible to cover all the Indian chicken recipe for any one as there is a long list of chicken dishes in |Indian cuisine. MyDelicious Recipes presenting some of delicious chicken dishes recipes for you so that you can easily cook the delicious chicken in your kitchen.

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is the most famous chicken dish in India. This dish is famous all over India with different ingredients and tastes. Chicken curry is a very tasty chicken dish with soft, tender and juicy pieces of chicken. MyDelicious Recipes presents one of the delicious and easy recipe of chicken curry. Get the detailed recipe of Chicken Curry at MyDelicious Recipes. Make this delicious chicken curry at your home and enjoy with roti or rice at lunch or dinner.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is also one of the famous chicken dish, this dish is also famous by the name of Murg Makhani. Either you are called Butter Chicken or Murgh Makhani is a delicious Indian chicken dish with less spicy thick tomato gravy. Butter chicken is very tasty and famous all over India and some other countries. To make delicious butter chicken, first the chicken has to be marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, mustard oil and spices and then cooked in thick tomato gravy. A major part in this delicious dish is the thick tomato gravy. The gravy is made of tomatoes, onions and butter, cooked until thick and smooth. Get the detailed recipe of Butter Chicken at MyDelicious Recipes.

Chicken Biryani

Biryani is the most famous and delicious royal dish made from rice, a dish introduced by the Mughals in India. Biryani is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, both are delicious. Chicken biryani is the most famous and delicious biryani in the non-veg category. All the guests at a party who like to eat non-veg love the delicious chicken biryani. Chicken biryani is very tasty but it takes time, patience and expertise to cook authentic dum biryani. To make Chicken Biryani you need to make layers of half cooked rice, chicken and then rice again and saffron milk and ghee on top of all, the cooked in a covered hand. Get the detailed recipe of Chicken Biryani at MyDelicious Recipes.

Chicken Barra

Chicken Barra, also known as Burra Chicken, Murg Barrah or Chicken Barrah, is a delicious and tempting chicken dish. Chicken barra, a delicious chicken dish with thick and delicious gravy made from fried onions (birista), cream and cashew paste with some traditional aromatic spices. Chicken barra is flavored with its delicious gravy that you can have in your lunch or dinner with roti, rice, butter naan or paratha. Get the detailed recipe of Chicken Barra at MyDelicious Recipes.

Chicken Lababdar

Chicken Lababdar also known as Murgh Lababdar is a delicious chicken gravy dish that you can easily made at your home. Basically, the delicious dish chicken lababdar is almost similar to butter chicken with a little bit twist. This smooth, creamy, silky and rich chicken dish is so delicious that you will demand more and more with each and every bite. you can enjoy the Chicken Lababdar with rice, roti or butter-naan. delicious Indian cuisine is famous for silky smooth and rich gravy and espeacilly in North Indian dishes the gravy is rich in cream and butter. gravy of Lababdar chicken is one of the silky and delicious gravy from North India. Chicken lababdar is one of the delicious Mughlai dishes, with smooth silky and rich gravy.  Get the detailed recipe of Chicken Lababdar at MyDelicious Recipes.

Chicken Ghee Roast

Chicken Ghee Roast - is a famous Mangalorean chicken dish which is a delicious dish from Mangalore, India. The specialty of the dish is that the chicken is roasted in clarified butter (desi ghee) with aromatic spices which makes the dish so tasty. Chicken Ghee Roast is a very famous and delicious dish of Mangalore which is a city in the state of Karnataka, India. The dish chicken ghee roast originated from Kundapur, a small town near Mangalore.  Get the detailed recipe of Chicken Ghee Roast at MyDelicious Recipes.

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a delicious chicken snack or starter for a party. The dish is a spicy snack that is made by deep frying the chicken with spices, a very famous starter in India, especially in South India. For those who prefer non-veg snacks, chicken 65 is a very tasty snack. Chicken 65 can easily be made at home with readily available spices and ingredients in an Indian kitchen. The unique and delicious taste of the dish comes from the special garlic seasoning. Get the detailed recipe of Chicken 65 at MyDelicious Recipes.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is the most famous non veg snack, a roasted chicken snack that is the best tandoori non veg starter or appetizer in India. The dish needs no introduction to non-veg lovers, it is such a delicious roasted chicken starter that every non-veg lover around the world wants to eat this dish every time. To make delicious chicken tikka by traditional method, small pieces of boneless chicken are first marinated in curd with spices and then roasted in tandoor. Tikka is used for a small piece of chicken that is roasted on a barbecue or in a tandoor. Get the detailed recipe of Chicken Tikka at MyDelicious Recipes.

Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Snacks



Most people love vegetarian food, there are dozens of delicious Indian vegetarian snacks for them. If you like to cook that delicious Indian vegetarian snacks in your kitchen, then you must try the following snacks. You can get the detailed recipe of the snaks at MyDelicious Recipes.



Paneer Cutlet

Paneer Cutlets are very easy to cook this is an amazing combination of healthy and delicious snacks that is easy to cook. No one can refuse the paneer cutlets because of its deliciousness. Everyone either children, adults or old people always demands more and more. Paneer cutlets are healthy as its stuffing contains paneer which is rich in calcium and protein, and the snack is very delicious, all because of the spices used to make it. The peoples who likes paneer, paneer cutlets is a favorite dish for them. Get the detailed recipe of paneer cutlet at MyDelicious Recipes.



Gobhi 65

Gobi 65 or Gobhi 65 is so delicious, crispy, spicy and tempting fried snacks, made of cauliflower. Dishes 65 such as paneer 65, aloo 65 or gobhi 65 are very famous snacks from South India cuisine. Gobhi 65, paneer 65 and aloo 65 are delicious and pure vegetarian snacks. Gobhi 65 the delicious snacks that can be served in the party or as an evening snack. To make the delicious and aromatic snacks Gobi 65, first all the florets of cauliflower are well coated with corn flour and spices then deep fry it until it becomes crispy and added to almost dry curry of yogurt with spices, green chilli and curry leaves. Get the detailed recipe of Gobhi 65 at MyDelicious Recipes.



Kurkure Paneer

Kurkure Paneer - A delicious paneer sncak that is crunchy from outside and soft from inside. this is an ideal and perfect snacks and  starter for the parties. The crunchy and delicious snacks is made from soft and healthy paneer coated with corn flour, corn flakes and spices. this deicious and crunchy snacks kurkure paneer  is so easy to make. Not only it is easy to make but the snacks is incredibly delicious, also very few and easily available ingredients are required to make this delicious snack. The tasty and crunchy snacks kurkure paneer are very  soft and juicy from the inside and very crunchy and crispy from outside, which makes the snack mouth-watering. Get the detailed recipe of kurkure paneer at MyDelicious Recipes.



Ragda Pattice

Ragda pattice - A delicious Indian street food. This  is very much famous in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Ragda pattice is very much similar dish to another North Indian much popular dish "Tikki Chole". This dish is so tasty that everyone loves the taste and this is very popular street food, as Tikki Chole in North India and in the form of Ragda Pattis in Maharashtra  and Gujarat. The dish has two main parts, one is pattice which is actually aloo tikki  and the other main part is ragda or chole that is white peas with thick gravy. To make Pattice mashed potatoes are fried only with salt, while to make tikkis in North India mashed potatoes are fried with salt and spices. pattice or tikki are served in a plate with ragda or chole with tamarind and green chutney, finally garnished with finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves and sev. Get the detailed recipe of Ragda Pattice at MyDelicious Recipes



Soya Seekh Kabab

The Seek Kababs are generally known for as a non-veg dish made of minced mutton  or chicken and cooked in a tandoor. The vegetarian version of seekh kebab is also not only delicious dish but also an healthy dish. Many varieties of vegetarian kebabs are there that you can made. One of the many varieties of vegetarian kebabs is Soya Chunk Kebab which is not only delicious, but also healthy in the form of soy which is a rich source of protein. To make the soya kebab, first we have to prepared mixture using minced soya chunks, roasted gram flour, onions and spices, then shaped into a seekh kebab on skewer, then either fry on a tawa or in the oven. Get the detailed recipe of Soya Seekh Kabab at MyDelicious Recipes



Dahi Kabab / Dahi Ke Shole

Dahi kebabs or Dahi Ke Shole - A popular soft and yummy snacks that everyone loves to eat at any special occasions such as birthday party, kitty party, or any other small parties at your home. The delicious dahi kabab which is also famous as dahi ke sholay is so much tasty and mouth watering that each of your guest will surely love it and demands more. Dahi kababs are very delicious and Famous vegetarian kababs in India especially in Northern India. These delicious kebabs are very easy to make with hung curd, breadcrumbs, gram flour with some basic spices. You can easily find dahi kebabs in the menu of restaurants in North India. This kebab is crispy on the outside while inside is soft and mouth-melting texture. Tasty dahi kebab is served as an evening snack or as an appetizer with green chutney. Get the detailed recipe of Dahi Kabab at MyDelicious Recipes



Dahi Bhalle / Dahi Vada

Dahi Bhalle or Dahi Vada - is a soft and delicious street food which is very popular in India especially in North India. The dish does not require any introduction, no one will refuse to eat it due to its soft texture and delicious taste. To make the delicious, soft and spongy Vada or Bhalle, a thick batter is required to made from urad dal and deep fried in the shape of small balls, before serve these soft bhalle are soaked in lukewarm water for some time, while serve add curd, sweet tamarind chutney and spicy green chutney over these soaked bhalle, finely spiced with some spices. Finally garnished with red chili powder, roasted cumin powder, and coriander leaves giving it a spicy taste and an attractive look. Get the detailed recipe of Dahi Bhalle at MyDelicious Recipes



Matar Kulcha

Matar Kulcha or chole Kulche - Most popular street food of North India, especially in Amritsar and Delhi. Chole and Kulche is an ideal staple food, this staple food contains boiled white peas which is served with flat bread (kulcha) which is made by baking the fermented refined flour. Whenever you are in North India, you should eat this excellent staple street food matar kulcha. Dried green peas or white peas look like chickpeas but white peas have smaller sizes than chickpeas. It looks like chickpeas so the staple food is also known as chole kulche. Get the detailed recipe of Matar Kulcha at MyDelicious Recipes



Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki - A delicious and popular street food from India with crunchy and crispy texture, consisting of boiled potatoes with some Indian spices. A good amount of aromatic spices make aloo tikki crunchy, crispy and delicious. Aloo tikki is served with curd, pudina chutney and tamarind chutney or you can also enjoy delicious tikki with spicy chole. Tikkis can also be made with or without stuffing. North Indians love stuffed tikkis. The stuffing used to make delicious tikkis is made from chana dal, while some even using green peas for stuffing. Delicious tikkis can also be made without stuffing. Get the detailed recipe of Aloo Tikki at MyDelicious Recipes



Bread Roll

Bread Roll - A soft tasty and popular Indian snack. Bread rolls are very easy to make at home with readily available ingredients like bread and potatoes. Potatoes can be boiled in advance and then you need about 25 minutes to prepare tasty snacks. To make the delicious bread rolls, make the stuffing first by boil the potatoes and mashed them, then mix spices in that mashed boiled potatoes and then take a bread slice, make it wet, fill with potato stuffing and make a roll. Deep fry the stuffed rolls until it turns crispy and golden brown. Get the detailed recipe of Bread Rolls at MyDelicious Recipes