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Paneer Snacks

All Time Favorite - Special Paneer Snacks Recipes

Cottage cheese  or Paneer is one of the most famous vegetarian food of India. Paneer is a pure vegetarian food and a good source of protein. There are a large number of fans of Paneer in India and it is used to prepare a variety of dishes in Indian cuisine. Paneer is always favorite snack for snacks parties. Be it a party snack or a lunch or dinner side dish, paneer is used in every Indian meal course.

Paneer is so versatile! Many dishes can be made from breakfast to lunch to dinner using paneer such as paneer cheela "a great breakfast"! paneer bhurji "a perfect lunch"! or shahi paneer "a delicious dinner"! you can plan your entire day's menu with delicious paneer. The craze of Indian snacks is all over the world especially paneer snacks. All paneer snacks are delicious either paneer tikka, paneer pakora or any other and everyone across the world loves these dishes. Some of the best yummy paneer snacks that you can enjoy at your home by following our recipe. You can find many Paneer recipes on

Paneer Cutlet

Paneer cutlet is a delicious snack which is very easy to make at home with very few ingredients. Everyone including kids and adults love the delicious breakfast "Cheese Cutlets" for evening snack. Paneer is a dairy product that is a rich source of calcium and protein. This is the reason why paneer snacks like paneer cutlets are healthy and the taste of the snacks comes from the spices in it, so one cannot deny the snack. For those who love paneer, paneer cutlet is a wow and delicious dish. Get the detailed recipe of Paneer Cutlet at MyDelicious Recipes

Kurkure Paneer

Kurkure Paneer is a deliciously crispy and perfect snack or you can say a perfect starter for parties. Crunchy snacks "Kurkure Paneer" are made of paneer, corn flakes, corn flour, refined flour and some aromatic spices. Delicious and crunchy kurkure paneer with its incredible taste is very easy to make at home. Kurkure Paneer is not only incredibly tasty but very easy to make with very few ingredients. This delicious and crunchy paneer snacks "kurkure paneer" is crunchy and crispy from outside and juicy and soft from inside. Get the detailed recipe of  Kurkure Paneer at MyDelicious Recipes

Paneer Kathi Roll

Another Paneer snacks famous as Paneer Frankie or Paneer Kathi Roll or Paneer Roll. This paneer snacks is a delicious and famous Indian snack and easy to make at home and very nutritious too. To make paneer roll, make stuffing of paneer and capsicum, wrap this stuffing in chapati or paratha with green chutney.

Three easy step to make the delicious Paneer kathi rolls at home. First step to make the stuffing of paneer and capsicum with onions and some spices. Second step is  making of chapatti or paratha. And the last step is, fill the paneer capsicum stuffing in that chapatti and wrap it to make the rolls. Overall, Paneer Frankie Roll or Paneer Roll is not only a delicious snacks but an healthy snack that can be enjoyed as a brunch or evening snack. Paneer Kathi Roll is very easy to make, if you have leftover roti, paratha or chapati. Get the detailed recipe of  Paneer Kathi Roll at MyDelicious Recipes

Paneer 65

Paneer 65 is a soft and delicious paneer starter. To make delicious Paneer 65, first fry the paneer and then add some aromatic spices and cook it. 65 dishes like Chicken 65, Gobhi 65 or Paneer 65 are much famous in South India. These dishes are eaten with some special food or as a starter. Paneer 65 is a delicious snack which is a medium spicy dish of fried paneer. Paneer 65 is so delicious that It made a good place in the parties starter's menu along with other snacks. You will get the taste of Paneer 65 differently in different places as everyone has different recipes with different ingredients. Get the detailed recipe of  Kurkure Paneer at MyDelicious Recipes

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is the most famous and delicious starter which is most in demand in restaurants and parties. There are many different methods of cooking this delicious starter "Paneer Tikka". Paneer tikka is made either in the barbecue or in the tandoor as per authentic method to add smoky flavor. It is not possible for everyone to have a barbecue at home, also not easy to use a barbecue grill. An easy way to solve all these problems is to cook "paneer tikka" on a pan, then add smoky flavor. Get the detailed recipe of  Paneer Tikka at MyDelicious Recipes

Chilli Paneer (Dry)

An Indo Chinese dish Spicy Hot Chili Paneer, which is very tasty and delightful anytime anywhere. Delicious chilli paneer can be enjoy as a snack when the dish is dry chilli paneer. Enjoy it as a side dish with fried rice while making the dish as gravy chili paneer. The dry chilli paneer is so delicious that everyone demands for more. To make delicious "Dry Chilli Paneer", deep fry the marinated paneer and cook with almost dry gravy of onions, capsicum. Get the detailed recipe of  Chilli Paneer at MyDelicious Recipes

Paneer Manchurian (Dry)

Paneer Manchurian is a delicious, spicy Manchurian dish made from paneer is the most popular Indo Chinese dish. The dish Paneer Manchurian is one of the most sought after dish. Which can be made as a dry snack and served as a starter or evening snack. Paneer Manchurian is very famous among the guests and everyone demands it in parties. Paneer Manchurian is an Indo Chinese dish which is most liked by the guests at the party. Get the detailed recipe of  Kurkure Paneer at MyDelicious Recipes

Paneer Pakora

Paneer Pakora is a North Indian delicious and popular evening snack that can be enjoyed at tea time. It is made by deep frying soft paneer covered with gram flour. Make thick batter of gram flour, dip soft paneer pieces well in it and deep fry to make crispy pakoras. Paneer pakoras are mostly served with tea along with green pudeena chutney. Paneer pakora is very easy to make at home and mostly enjoyed with green chutney or enjoy with tomato ketchup. Make paneer pakoras at home and enjoy with evening tea or coffee. Get the detailed recipe of  Kurkure Paneer at MyDelicious Recipes


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